Long Beach Carnevale

Long Beach Carnevale 2015 will be held on February 28th starting at 11:00 AM outside the Long Beach Aquarium.

From the official website:

The Long Beach Carnevale is a masquerade in the true fashion of the carnival of Venice, Italy. The main focus is the many elaborate masked costumes that people show off with as well along with the crowd that participates with them.

My image from the 2014 Long Beach Carnevale was judged to be the Most Mysterious.

Portrait from Long Beach Carnevale by Andrew Schmidt

New Flea Market Card on Zazzle

Flea Market cards feature photographs from The Shotwell Collection by Andrew Schmidt taken at a variety of flea markets and swap meets throughout California.

Blank card added today – 3 sizes available: Greeting Card (5×7), Note Card (4×5.6) and Big Greeting Card (8.5×11)

Local Shot Spots – Old LA Zoo

Local Shot Spots is an online resource created by photographers for photographers. Discover where the shots are, from popular sites to local hidden gems.

Old LA Zoo
Old LA Zoo
Old LA Zoo
Old LA Zoo

The Griffith Park Zoo in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA, opened in 1912 with 15 animals. The LA Daily News called the zoo an “inadequate, ugly, poorly designed and under-financed collection of beat-up cages.” It was closed in 1966 and the animals were moved to the new zoo several miles away. Rather than being torn down, it was simply abandoned and quickly decayed into modern “ruins”. Some of the “rock” animal enclosures are now the backdrop for a picnic area. You can hike up into the hills to find other enclosures and buildings. Map