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The Huntington Chinese & Japanese Gardens
The Huntington Chinese & Japanese Gardens
The Huntington Chinese & Japanese Gardens
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Flowing one into the other, the 9 acre Japanese Garden, completed in 1912 and opened in 1928, and the 12 acre Chinese Garden, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, Liu Fang Yuan, opened in 2008, offer visitors more than a Western recreation of Eastern gardens. Elements of the five-room Japanese House were created in Japan, shipped to Pasadena around 1904 and acquired by Henry Huntington in 1911. The moon bridge, commissioned by Huntington, was built by Japanese craftsman Toichiro Kawai. The ceremonial teahouse, called Seifu-an (the Arbor of Pure Breeze), was built in Kyoto in the 1960s. Architects and artisans from Suzhou, the renowned garden city of southern China, worked with California builders and gardeners to complete the Chinese Garden.

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